Henry Paul Funerals believe in choice and individuality. It is our professional responsibility to work with you to create a fitting tribute, right down to the last detail. We are here for our clients, doing our utmost to reflect their wishes in every element of the service we offer.


The need to make funeral arrangements can be both distressing and confusing. Generally, there are many regulations to understand and a large amount of information to consider. Henry Paul Funerals supports you by taking care of all the practical arrangements, advising you of the legal requirements you have and, through the provision of a bespoke funeral, allows you to create a fitting commemoration.


Friends and family pay their last respects through the funeral ceremony, so it is important to reflect the deceased’s wishes and beliefs.


The choice of burial or cremation will need to be made at an early stage, as well as a decision on where the funeral will take place.


Henry Paul Funerals are able to offer many options from cremation and burial to a woodland burial or burial at sea. Please ask our staff for further information. The person making the funeral arrangements will also be responsible for the cost of the funeral, and must be authorised to make decisions and give instructions regarding the funeral service.


We will assist you in the completion of all necessary documentation and make all arrangements with officiating ministers or celebrants, together with the cemetery or crematorium.

We will also provide confirmation of the funeral arrangements with a detailed estimate of the costs.

We are able to place obituary notices on your behalf. Please instruct a member of our staff.

We will also collect all funeral donations for you and pass on to the charity of your choice.


Henry Paul Funerals have a dedicated Chapel of Rest where you may make arrangements to visit your loved one and allow others to attend. This is a very personal decision and may not be suitable for everyone – although many people can find it greatly assists them in their grieving process.


Alternatively, you may wish to view your loved one in the privacy of your own home. Should this be the case, we recommend that we are permitted to fully prepare the body prior to returning it to you to rest before the funeral.


Please do not hesitate to discuss your wishes with a member of our staff.


The death of a family member is likely to be the most distressing experience a person will have. Many will encounter feelings of despair and struggle to continue with their own lives. Grief can confuse and destabilise and the situation can be made worse as the bereaved are often misunderstood by those that seek to comfort them.


It is a common situation and everyone’s experience of grief is different. At Henry Paul Funerals, we guide you towards a Bereavement Counselling Service which uses the skills of trained and experienced professionals to comfort and assist the grieving individual, providing help and support to guide them back to a meaningful and happy life.


This service is a complimentary element of the services we provide and is free of charge to all family members to whom we provide funeral and memorial services, including bereaved children and friends.


Henry Paul Funerals can put you in touch with a qualified Financial Advisor to assist you with the understanding and managing of your finances following the death of your spouse or another family member.


They are able to advise you on such issues as probate, life cover, tax, pensions, shares, wills, trusts and much more.


Please do not hesitate to ask our staff if you would like to take advantage of these services.


Please ask a member of our staff if you would like us to place the deceased’s name on the Bereavement Register, thus putting a stop to unwanted mail and telephone calls. This is a free service and can prevent needless nuisance and distress at a difficult time.